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Επιλογή προεπιλεγμένων

Especially designed socks for military and outdoor activities. Includes wool. Army 2000 Thermo Professional Socks


Brand: AlpinTecstock-photo-made-in-europe-stamp-133932815

Code: PAT2000-G

Especially designed socks for military and outdoor activities.

  • Special toe seam! SO you dont feel the stiches.
  • Anatomic shape “Y” on the heel to keep the sock in place for perfect fit. Also reduces the pressure and the friction.
  • Comfortable full length anti-slip support with ribbing. Ensures protection from the uneven surface of the shoe tread and prevents the sock from sliding off the foot.
  • Enhanced seam in selected areas that exert greater stress and friction for durability and longer durability.
  • Elastic bandage with a support for supporting the upper part of the foot and the foot arch. It helps to absorb the vibrations from the pressures of the foot & amp; Firmly holding the sock on the leg.
  • Composition with merino wool with its special features. (For transpiration, does not smell, is smooth as silk has a thermoregulatory capacity, has antibacterial ability, with sweat removal capacity & finally is anti-allergic)
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